Brother Printer Purge Counter Reset

‘Unable to Clean: Machine Error 46′ message prevents you from printing by your Brother inkjet printer. It believes the ink absorber in the base of your printer is saturated with ink and any further printing could cause ink to overflow. The value is estimated by amount of pages your printer has produced and how many manual/automatic cleans have performed.
  1. Disconnect power cable of the printer from source
  2. Connect power cable to source while holding down MENU button
  3. Printer will enter Service Mode and display "MAINTENACE" on screen
  4. Type in 8 and 0 using the Screen, Keypad or UP+Set button whichever is available
  5. Press DOWN or UP key to locate the purge counter (eg. PURGE0067025)
  6. Type in 2, 7, 8 and 3 using the Screen, Keypad or UP+Set button whichever is available. Display should be PURGE0000000.
  7. Press STOP/EXIT to return to Main Screen
  8. Type in 9 and 9 using the Screen, Keypad or UP+Set button whichever is available to exit maintenance mode.