Epson Stylus Photo T60 T50 Resetter

-Download the program below

-Connect the printer directly to the computer without usb hub -Power connection should be stable -POWER INTERRUPTION DURING INITIALIZATION MAY CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE -Disable Antivirus -Open AdjProg.exe -Click “Accept” button -Click “Particular adjustment mode” button -Select on “Waste ink pad counter” -Select on Main pad counter -click on "CHECK" to view the current value -It should show above 100%, IF ERROR, CHECK CONNECTION -DO NOT CONTINUE UNTIL YOU SEE THE PERCENTAGE -IF YOU INITIALIZE WITH ERROR, PRINTER MAY HAVE PERMANENT DAMAGE

>>>>continue when you see the percentage -click on “Initialization” button and the program will reset the protection counter -If successful, it will ask you to turn off the printer -Turn off the printer, then turn on again -You may "CHECK" again to view the current value and should show less than 100% -Click “Finish” button -Enable Antivirus -Done!