PVC ID Direct Printing

Tested and worked with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10. Other OS may or may not work.

1. Download and Install R290 Driver. Manually select any port. Delete the installed R290 from the printer list. 

2. Under "Advanced" Tab of your L805 or T60 "Printer Properties", change the "Driver" into "Epson Stylus Photo R290 Series"

3. With the printer powered on, lift up the output tray to the slot labeled CD/DVD.

4. Gently insert and push the PVC Tray into the CD/DVD Feed Tray until the arrows on the pvc tray and the feed tray are aligned.

5. Paste your Layout inside the inside the box of the provided Template.

6. Change the "Printing Preferences" into "Source: CD/DVD" and "Type: CD/DVD". Disregard other settings.

7. Print


- Conduct and assure complete nozzle check before printing pvc

- Do not insert the PVC tray while the product is printing or performing other operations.

- Return the output tray to paper position before turning the printer on/off.

- "Different device than specified" error may occur but disregard.

- For ATM Sized PVC, the upper template represents the lower pvc slot of the tray.

- Template guides can be adjusted and aligned according to actual printout.

- Always maintain the PVC Tray clean.